We had talked about building a garden for years. What would have taken us weeks to research, plan out and implement, Peter was able to complete in a day. Totally worth the investment! Our whole family enjoyed learning from Peter how to plant our new fruit and vegetables and care for our home garden. Highly recommend the professional expertise of the Suburban Farmer!
Beth and Alec Berger
Peter was exceptionally professional and friendly. He surveyed the layout and decided what type of plant box would best fit that area. He then helped me pick and plant all my items.

My son helped and watched the whole whole time and Peter was very patient and playful with him. Peter called to follow up on the status of the plants and was extremely helpful throughout the whole process. We love our garden and wish we had space for more planter boxes!

Jourdan B. Block
Wow! So happy with our garden boxes. Peter not only installed two boxes (one for greens in part shade and one in full sun) with the irrigation system, but also took the time to teach us about what plants would do best and when to plant them. Peter is very knowledgeable, professional, and very easy to communicate with. Highly recommend!

I wanted to take a minute to acknowledge what an incredible resource Peter has been for my family. I have NEVER been a gardener although I’ve always enjoyed cooking and using fresh herbs and vegetables….but my ability to keep plants alive, well, is somewhat lackluster. I’d thought about creating a garden for a long time; however, the process seemed daunting from both a knowledge, labor and financial standpoint. However, when the kids decided they’d like to do it too, I knew the time was right. I luckily stumbled upon Peter’s information and I gave him a call. It was clear from the first time talking with Peter that he is both passionate and incredibly knowledgeable about farming. He took the time to come give us an estimate (and maintained proper safety protocols with the current Covid climate) and really listen to us and what we were hoping to gain through gardening (organic tasty food, a family experience, learning).

We set a date and Peter built our two raised gardening beds. He was punctual and flexible. Our original layout needed to be adjusted due to the sun. Peter realized this and was quick to make changes which meant re-cutting wood and having to re-arrange his day. Not only did he do this quickly he did it so that we would be happy with our final garden. And happy doesn’t really encompass the joy it brings us. It’s been a life changer. We enjoy, as a family, working on it together. Picking herbs for dinner. Discovering what “popped up” overnight. It’s like magic. The craftsmanship of the beds and the quality of the materials is truly beautiful. They are built to last. In addition Peter set up the irrigation system in the beds to work with our current sprinkler set up, which is definitely a game changer for keeping everything alive and thriving.

The Suburban Farmer offered a WIDE array of services. We could be as involved as we wanted or we could be 100% hands off. Just knowing that there was such a spectrum of services available helped ease some of my original concerns regarding my own lack of knowledge in the Science and Art of gardening.

When we were settling up there were no surprise costs. In fact, I mistakenly overpaid Peter. He immediately let me know and fixed it. Talk about honest! And even though Peter’s job at our house was quick, I stay in regular contact with him, because I have lots of questions. I’ll send him pictures of a leaf or ask him about a certain product. And he always gets back to me with his thoughts. Truly, it’s been a gift to have Peter and the Suburban Farmer in our lives.

Kara Roux Wilkoff

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